Meet Andrea

Andrea and Bailey at the Millbrook Horse Trials

Like so many riders, I had a horse-obsessed childhood, and I discovered the sport of eventing while studying counseling and psychotherapy in graduate school.  (I believe my reaction was, “where has this been all my life??”)  I am a US Eventing Association Certified Riding Instructor, and I practiced as a psychotherapist for 18 years.  This has given me unique experience in both the psychological and physical skills needed to be a successful and happy equestrian.  In my psychotherapy practice I worked with adults and teens who are coping with depression, anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  My extensive experience in working with survivors of trauma has provided me with a deep understanding of how fear and anxiety can short-circuit a person’s best efforts in a challenging situation.

As an eventer and riding instructor for the past 14 years, I work with many adult amateurs who are passionate about their riding but feel blocked by their fears and anxieties.  As well as instilling strong riding skills, I draw on my psychological training and sense of humor to help them develop strategies for calming those fears and replacing them with a sense of competence and confidence.  Many students find that their increased confidence in the saddle carries over to their daily lives as well!

In 2006, I fulfilled a lifelong dream and purchased Triple Combination Farm in Ferrisburgh, Vermont, with my two business partners, Mary Brust and Chris Armstrong.  Together we help adults and kids of all abilities reach their goals of becoming skilled, happy and accomplished riders.

I have competed through the Intermediate Level in eventing and Third Level in dressage, and currently have a Thoroughbred gelding eventing at the Intermediate level along with students’ horses competing through Training level.  My current goal is to compete at the Advanced Level in eventing by the time I’m  46!  When not at the barn, I can be found with the other loves of my life: my husband Eric, and our two pugs, Snuffalufagus and Pippin.

Pippin and Snuffles at Triple Combination Farm

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