Photo used with permission from Flatlands Foto.

Welcome to StressLess Riding!




Do you….

  • Feel nervous, anxious or afraid when you ride?
  • Have trouble focusing in lessons because you are tense or worried?
  • Ride well at home but poorly at shows, because competition nerves and ”static” in your mind get in the way?
  • Wish you could do more with your horse, but are held back by your fears?
  • Feel embarrassed about your nervousness?
  • Get frustrated when someone tells you to “just relax”?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, StressLess Riding is for you.

The StressLess Riding Program was developed by Andrea Waldo, a psychotherapist and a US Eventing Association certified riding instructor. The program teaches creative, practical mental strategies and skills to help riders move past their fears and toward a calm, focused mindset.  Riders become more confident and successful in the saddle, and riding becomes more enjoyable and fulfilling.  Isn’t this why we ride in the first place?

StressLess Riding draws on techniques and knowledge from Sport Psychology, Solution-Oriented Therapy, Neuropsychology and classical riding. But what really matters is that it helps you as the rider to reach your goals and dreams in the saddle…without ever making you feel stupid for being afraid or telling you to “just relax”!

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